Drive-in racking

Drive-in racking enables highly compact storage of pallets in multiple horizontally and vertically arranged aisles.

The vehicle drives into the aisle and places the pallets from back to front on storage rails running fully from one side of the rack to the other. This makes optimal use of surface area and storage space.

Drive-in racking is particularly well suited for storing large volumes of the same item, for pressure-sensitive or unstable goods, for small- to medium-sized product ranges, and for low-turnover items. This racking system is also ideal for seasonal or buffer storage, and for storing products with a long shelf life.

Goods are stored and retrieved using a service vehicle which drives into the aisle. Goods are always loaded and unloaded from the same side. Operating based on the LiFo (last in, first out) principle, the last pallet stored is then the first to be retrieved. This system should therefore only be used to store goods where direct access to specific pallets is not required.

Compared with our drive-in racking, our drive-through racking has all of the same benefits - but it can also be used from both sides: goods are stored on one side and retrieved from the other. Operating on the FiFo (first in, first out) principle, the first load stored is therefore also the first to be retrieved.

Benefits of Drive-In Racking

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